About Us

We would like to welcome you to Life Without Limits.   We have tried to make everything as easy as possible so that success will come easy for you. However, it is up to you as to whether or not you take the road to success or the road to failure.

To take the road to success is just a matter of taking action . . . the road to failure is watching everyone else taking action!  Many people talk about finding a “ground floor opportunity” but very few true opportunities exist . . . until now!



Terry Neves, CEO

Terry Neves, CEO, Co-founder and Chief Programmer

In 1995, I opened a similar membership service online. Of course, at that time people were not using credit cards online because it was insecure. Everyone told me, “You’ll never be successful” . . . “No one will ever use credit cards online”, “No one has ever done anything like this before”.

I didn’t listen! Within 6 months, I had developed one of the first online ecommerce platforms and was a millionaire. The small handful of people that joined with me were millionaires as well! Shortly thereafter, I developed the first “affiliate marketing” platform (before the term “affiliate marketing” was an acceptable term).

Nothing like Life Without Limits has ever been done with Charities, Churches, or Network Marketers! Again, we are the very first to offer such a powerful system to you in this format! You are at the crossroads . . . do you have the ambition it takes to join Life Without Limits and become successful?

I can’t force you to be successful; you have to take the action to make it happen! We will be here to support and guide you along the way but you have to make it happen. Do you have what it takes to be successful? If so, use these tools to make it happen!



Mike Anderson, Executive Director, Co-founder

Mike designed the Life Without Limits System and the rest is history.

For the last thirty years Mike has traveled all over the world performing on stages with national and International Tours from off Broadway and Broadway shows … performing various roles with leads and dancing roles.

For the past two years Mike has been a professional speaker traveling all over the world helping thousands of people make a positive change in their life.

By using the LWL system, Mike has been instrumental in helping thousands of people achieve success.